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Book List
The following is a list of the required textbooks for courses held at Green High School. For more information, students should contact Green High School at (905) 707-3351

* Biology and Chemistry Grade 11 and 12 text book has changed to new version. For more information you may call Green High School.

Grade 11
Subject Book Title
Media Studies (EMS3O) No texbook required
Functions and Relations (MCR3U) Mathematics 11, McGraw-Hill Ryserson ISBN:0075529106
Chemistry (SCH3U) Chemistry 11, McGraw-Hill Ryerson ISBN:0070886814
Physics (SPH3U) Physics 11, McGraw-Hill Ryerson
ISBN: 007088691
Biology (SBI3U) Biology 11, McGraw-Hill Ryerson ISBN:007088708X

Grade 12
Subject Book Title
The Writer's Craft (EWC4U) No texbook required
Mathematics of Data Management (MDM4U) Mathematics of Data Management, McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Calculus and Vectors (MV4U) Calculus and Advanced Functions, McGraw-Hill Ryerson
ISBN: 0070917094
Chemistry (SCH4U) Chemestry 12, McGraw-Hill Ryerson ISBN:0070916438
Physics (SPH4U) Physics 12, Nelson
Philosophy: Questions & Theories (HZT4U)

Philosophy: Decisions & Theories, McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Analysing Current Economic Issues (CIA4U) Analysing Current Economic Issues, Oxford University Press ISBN:0195414454
Canada: History, Identity, and Culture (CHI4U) Defining Canada: History, Identity, and Culture, McGraw-Hill Ryerson ISBN:0070913838
Canadian & International Law (CLN4U) Dimensions of Law: Canadian & International Law of the Twenty-First Century, Emond Montgomery
ISBN: 155239087X
Canadian & World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (CGW4U) Geonexus, Canadian and World Issues, Thomas Nelson Publishers ISBN: 0772529337
Challenge & Change in Society (HSB4M) Transitions in Society: The Challenge of Change, Oxford University Press ISBN: 0195417682
Introduction to Anthropology, Phsychology, and Sociology (HSP3M) Images of Society: Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, McGraw-Hill Ryerson
ISBN: 0070880328
Media Studies (EMS3O) No textbook required
Studies in Literature (ETS4U) No textbook required

Books may be purchased at the educational bookstore of your choice; however we reccomend:

3709 Chesswood Drive
4-180 Steeles Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario M3J 2P6
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 2L1
Phone #: 416-461-4542
Phone #: 905-731-4440



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